Make A Difference!


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To grow a plant or free a bird

To give a hand to needy one!

to give a smile or wipe out tears

to make someone close and even near!

Just do something to make a difference!
just do something!
Just do something!
and make a difference in someone’s life!

Lets share a joy or make someone cheer

by putting a hand on orphan’s head!

In the hours of need, never left alone

give your shoulder and even lend your ear!

Just do something to make a difference!
just do something!
Just do something!
and make a difference in someone’s life!

Buy a poor a pair of shoes or

send them wishes with flowers and dress!

Make their life valuable one

Lit a light of life in them!

Just do something to make a difference!
just do something!
Just do something!
and make a difference in someone’s life!

Utter some words of kindness or

show a gesture of care and love

by presenting a flower or a toffee

it’s seem little but worth than gold!

Do something whether its little or more
and make a difference in someone’s life
Just make a difference in someone’s life!

Falling Flowers (An Inspiration from Fall Season Of life)


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When the fall season comes to thee

Never curse your exonerative destiny

Though the falling flowers suffer and die

But their beauty long lasts and don’t say bye

People crush the falling flowers under their feet

Even then they offer their scent and greet

Flowers fall off just from a fertile tree

A barren tree just gives thorns to see

A prolific life is a worthy of celebration

For it is a priceless present to a nation

Welcome the fall season of your life

With the best of harmony and no strife

3 Super Effective Ways To Solve Problems!


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Every one of us wants problem free life, but it is a bare truth that there exists no problem free life. If you are alive then you must be facing some problems, whether small or big. So if it is a hard and fast rule of life that we all have to face some problems in our life, then we all should follow some ideal pattern or strategy of problem solving in our lives. Here I am going to introduce 3 super effective strategies of problem solving, so that you could be able to solve problems of your life easily. Check them out and enjoy your hassle-free life.

1. Never ignore the problem

Most of the people make a common mistake that they ignore the problem, especially the small problems. Whether they are too busy in their lives or they mindfully close their eyes over such problems. This situation results in a big a mess, which is created overtime in your subconscious mind. The problems get pilling up in our subconscious mind and we keep on moving with our busy lives. This approach of ignoring the problems or just avoiding them by not giving them proper attention simply lead us to a great boggy stage of our life, where there left no way out. Our subconscious mind keeps on sending us notifications of such ignored problems, due to which our conscious mind becomes stressed and if this condition persists for a long time then we get prone to develop many mental dysfunctions along with many physical ailments. This situation is like we are a driving a car, without a clean and pure fuel, which is just destroying its engine. So keep it in your mind, never ignore your problems, otherwise your problems will be multiplied and you productivity will become zero. So it is the best Problem solving technique to solve problems effectively.

2. Analyze the problem closely:

Understanding and analyzing any problem deeply is the key to solving problems at the super effective level. Get dive into your problem, go to its depth and see what lies at its base. This action will enable you to realize the root cause of your problem. Once you identify the root cause of your problem, know that your problem is half solved. Most of the people are aware of their problems that they are stressed, their productivity is not up to the mark, etc. but the thing they miss out is the hidden cause behind their apparent problem. So try to explore the problem and know what is that hidden factor behind it. Adopting this simple strategy will make you able to solve problems yourself.

3. Brainstorm and let the solutions come out:

Many people ask that how they can reach the root cause of the problem, the answer is simple “Brainstorm”. The idea behind problem solving through brainstorming is very simple. Personally whenever I get faced with any problem, I simply brainstorm through writing. I conduct kind of self talk through writing and to my amazement I come up with many new and creative solutions to my problems. So write down your apparent problem and write all the related stuff and factors that are coming up in your mind. Then simply also write down what are your concerns about this problem and what you want to achieve by solving it. After writing this all, now read all the things you have written. Keep your mind open to the new ideas and here you go with many suggestions and solutions for your problems. The best thing is that, your problems remained private and you get your solution by your own self.


I hope all of the above mentioned problem solving strategies will help you solve problem with least tension. I always try to come up with the ideas and solution which could help you. Experience the power of creativity in your life and rise and shine 🙂



Our Weekend Treat: Pumpkin Dessert!


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This week, I had so much work load that my every day routine had turned into a hectic toil. The workload was more than my expectations and this had disrupted my all time management and many other plans. I was feeling like stuck into all this rush, however cutting a long story short I made myself go through and manage this routine and finally I completed all my tasks. So, as this is weekend, we both thought to have some time to relax. What is more enjoyable and relaxing than a hobby that you love! For this reason we go for our ever loving hobby and that is “COOKING”.

We decided to cook some dessert. Why? Because desserts and sweets are known as good mood boosters, they not only cheer you up but relax your nerves as well, and yeah of course fill your tummy as well! 😉 We personally love desserts, and cooking and garnishing them is also a great fun for us. So, it was just an outclass idea for us to have weekend treat of pumpkin dessert.

Oh my GOD! The cutting part of pumpkin was not so relaxing for us. Its skin was as hard as rock and though the cutting knife was enough sharp but we were still having wrestling with that hard stuff! Anyhow, sometimes it’s not that we wish for some relax time and then momentarily we have it. But luckily, the rest part of the recipe was very relaxing and enjoyable.

The pumpkin dessert got prepared, garnished with nuts, chilled and served! Though it was our first try to pumpkin dessert, but it turned out amazingly “DELICIOUS”. So, we enjoyed our weekend treat with our family and it was really a reposeful weekend. 

Share what special and relaxing you did this weekend!

The Yummy Pumpkin Dessert That Really Made Our Weekend!